The Solution

A one-stop-Israeli-shop
That provides you the opportunity to buy anything you want with all the advantages, and none of the disadvantages- like finding the right supplier, negotiating, working with customs brokers, dealing with regulatory officials and more

How does it work


You choose the supplier, or we can find them for you


We will negotiate and make the order for you


We take care of all parts of the logistics process
The goods will arrive safely and swiftly on your doorstep

The Team

Rotem Zlotnick

Importer & Import-Export Consultant.

Graduate of International Trade in TLV Chamber Of Commerce
3 years of experience in the field

“I believe in providing a bespoke service tailor-made to meet your needs”

The Services

The services are offered to private clients, and small to medium businesses

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The Service Package can vary according to customer request, from consulting, to finding suppliers, negotiating and importing the products to the customer’s door in Israel.


The Service Package can vary at the customer’s request, from consulting, to preparing an orderly export plan, including the export process and finding overseas distributors.